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AIM-A-SQUIRT Precision Aerosol Application Tool

Manufacturer: Kelly-Pacatte
Manufacturer part number: 62463
GTIN: 5054900200


Patent pending Aim-A-Squirt flexible straw allows spray lubricants, cleaners, dust removers, etc. to be applied in confined or hard to reach areas. No more mess. Aim-A-Squirts special polymer material is the only polymer that offers chemical resistance to solvents, flexibility and proper shore hardness for a positive press fit into the nozzle. Straws won’t kink, dissolve or melt. They’re difficult to lose and are intended to be a reusable tool. The polymer of an Aim-A-Squirt offers unmatched flexibility. No more messes with Aim-A-Squirt.  

  • Reach difficult areas with ease!
  • Allows can to remain upright
  • Two sizes included in every package
  • 32" length. 2 diameters (one red, one yellow) to fit aerosol can
  • Made in the U.S.A.