Alpha One Gen II Sterndrive

New Genuine Mercury OEM Alpha One Generation II Sterndrive. Gimbal housing with trim cylinders and prop sold separately.
Availability: Not in stock - Transfer from factory
Manufacturer part number: alpha gen 2

Prop and gimbal housing sold separately

Available with 1.47, 1.62, 1.81, 2.00, 2.40 ratios, both standard and opposite rotation

Contact us for help with ratio and rotation

Alpha One® Gen II Drives

Strong. Versatile. Reliable.

Available for single and twin engine applications, the Alpha One’s efficient hydrodynamic profile produces very little drag, which means better boat performance and fuel economy.

Features like an integrated water pump and permanently lubricated pivot points let you spend less time on maintenance and more time boating.

Designed for boats capable of up to 65 mph and gas engines delivering up to 300hp and diesel engines up to 150hp.