Furrion Shore Power Adapters

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Furrion F5050Y-SY Y ADAPTER(2)50A 125V F - 50A M

Female (Boat)(2) 50A 125V
Male (Dock)50A 125V
$731.19 $566.12

Furrion FP5055-SY PIGTAIL 50A F TO 50A 250 M YEL

Female (Boat)50A 125V
Male (Dock)50A 125/250V Plug
$230.99 $197.18

Furrion FP5550-SY PIGTAIL 50A 250 F TO 50A M YEL

Female (Boat)50A 125/250V
Male (Dock)50A 125V Plug
$316.09 $270.07