Simrad Radars & Autopilots

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Navico Inc 000-10420-001 SIMRAD 3G BB RADAR KIT

Description28 NM Range Radome
$1,499.00 $1,492.80

Navico Inc 000-10421-001 SIMRAD 4G BB RADAR KIT

Description36 NM Range Radome
$1,999.00 $1,990.73

Navico Inc 000-11469-001 HALO 3 RADAR W/3 ARRAY/RI12

Description48NM true range
Model3' Halo™ Radar Antenna
$4,500.00 $4,481.40

Navico Inc 000-11470-001 HALO 4 RADAR W/4' ARRAY

Description64NM true range
Model4' Halo™ Radar Antenna
$5,000.00 $4,979.33

Navico Inc 000-11749-001 OUTBOARD PILOT CBL PACK

DescriptionCable Steer Pack
$1,299.00 $1,222.64


Solid state technology does away with the traditional magnetron and instead offers lower emissions than a mobile phone, making these systems safe to mount anywhere, on any size boat. Up to a 28NM working range.
  • Crystal clear image

  • Automatic clarity

  • MARPA target tracking

  • Dual guard zones

  • InstantOn™ startup

  • Low power consumption

  • Extremely low emissions

  • Quick installation
From $1,492.80


The Revolutionary Simrad Halo™ radar makes it easier than ever to navigate safely, keep an eye on the weather, and find flocks of birds that mark the best waters to fish. Solid-state Pulse Compression technology lets you see both near and far at the same time, on a single screen, from a single Halo™ radar array.
From $4,481.40


Do-It-Yourself autopilot pack for fingertip control from any Simrad GO XSE, NSS evo2 and NSO evo2 multifunction display. Affordable automatic steering for outboard engines.
  • NAC-1 Autopilot Computer

  • Point-1AP Compass + GPS Sensor

  • Auto/Standby Button - Mounts anywhere on dash and changes Autopilot from STBY to AUTO mode with one press.

  • NMEA 2000® Networking Kit

  • Includes PUMP-1 Hydraulic Pump and Fitting Kit
From $1,222.64