Pumpout Nozzle & Adapter

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Sealand 310343502 1-1/2 NOZALL PUMP OUT ADAPTER

Fits1-7/8" Fitting w/ 11-1/2 Threads/inch
$36.79 $20.99

Sealand 310343503 1-1/4 NOZALL PUMP OUT ADAPTER

Fits1-5/8" Fitting w/ 11-1/2 Threads/inch
$36.79 $20.99


  • Will make emptying your holding tank as clean, easy and fast as making a trip to the gas station.

  • Provides airtight seal: Cone-shaped design matches exactly with the cone shape of black rubber nozzles found at most pumpout stations.

  • Clean and efficient: Eliminates need for messy water source to create sufficient vacuum to empty holding tank contents.

  • Made of heavy-duty, glass-fulled nylon.

  • Simple to use: Just screw NozAll adapter into your waste deck fitting.

  • Works with both rubber nozzle type and cam-operated type of suction hose fittings.
From $20.99