Seat Suspension Systems

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Garelick 77000:01 SEAT SHOCK ABSORBER

Size7" x 13"
$178.89 $118.99


Provides boaters with a smoother ride in all types of weather and water conditions. Absorb and minimize up to 75% of the shock, jolt and vibration transmitted to the passenger. Corrosive resistant and UV stable. Standard bolt hole pattern allows for mounting on top of pedestal and beneath any individual seat. Features heavy duty forward hinge system allowing shock absorption to occur in the vertical plane only, eliminating unnecessary side sway and tipping. Includes provisions for mounting seats with 6" center hole pattern. Rugged, high tensile anodized aluminum and stainless steel hardware construction. Compatible with all Garelick pedestal seat bases.
Standard 5" x 12-1/8" slotted mounting hole pattern. Compact size and low profile design adds only 2" of height.
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