Garmin 010-01966-10 GT51M-TH XDCR 12-PIN THRU HULL

This thru-hull transducer provides ultra-clear sonar pictures of objects structure and fish that pass below your boat. This traditional CHIRP sonar and CHIRP DownV?/SideV? transducer is optimized for depth performance and rough conditions. It includes a built-in fast-response temperature sensor. For hull deadrises less than 5 degrees. GT51M-TH includes: 12-pin transducer with stainless steel stem fairing block isolation plate and bushings mounting hardware and installation instructions.
kHzCHIRP DownV?/SideVu 260/455
Traditional Mid band: 80/160
TypeGT51M-TH(12 pin)
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Manufacturer part number: 010-01966-10
GTIN: 753759152925
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